90543bd3fa3bd17de27348d7882dd467_400x400 Sivaram Arabandi, MBBS, MS

Sivaram Arabandi is a surgeon, informaticist and digital health entrepreneur specializing in clinical ontologies, semantic web and big data solutions in healthcare. He is a co-organizer of Health 2.0 Houston chapter involved in healthcare innovation, most recently as Co-chair of the 5th annual International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO’14). He is an organizer of the Space Health Challenge with NASA, coaches startups at SXSW Accelerator and V2V, HatchPitch and MIT’s HackingMedicine events, and an occasional speaker.

Sivaram started ONTOPRO in 2013 to work with organizations towards meeting their healthcare innovation needs with terminology based solutions. He provides expertise in clinical data standards such as SNOMED and ICD, building and using semantic models and text mining applications, as well as data integration and interoperability strategy to leverage structured and unstructured data for advanced big data analytics. He is currently involved in building a clinical trials startup.

Prior to this, Sivaram was the Director for Smart Content Strategy at Elsevier and headed Clinical Terminology services responsible for developing EMMeT (Elsevier Merged Medical Taxonomy) at the core of the ClinicalKey product. He was a visiting scientist at the National Library of Medicine (NLM), a co-investigator and lead for PhysioMIMI project at Case Western Reserve University, and clinical informatician for Cleveland Clinic’s SemanticDB project.

He is a member of several collaborations developing clinical ontologies and frameworks including the Ontology for General Medical Science (OGMS), Infectious Disease Ontology (IDO), Ontology for Newborn Screening Translational Research (ONSTR), Sleep Domain Ontology (SDO), and W3C’s Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (HCLS IG).

Sivaram is a scientific advisor with Emory University’s Newborn Screening Follow-up Data Integration Collaborative (NBSDC), and is an executive advisor at IntAlliance Partners.

Sivaram lives in Houston close to the medical center and can often be seen jogging along the Braes Bayou with his girls and new puppy.

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