Seven Ways Houston Demonstrates its Smart Side – Smarter Living PERSONIFIED

Every city has its challenges, just as people living within a city have challenges. From natural occurrences such as climate challenges to civic issues such as education, trade and culture, every city must find the best way to balance what it offers, how it’s managed, and how its citizens operate in day-to-day life.
One of the best cities in the world, Houston has come full circle in understanding its own dynamic and what it needs to do to succeed. Recently, Houston has been getting well-deserved attention for its technological, medicinal, environmental, and cultural endeavors in the form of honors, awards and recognition in major magazines. However, those acknowledgments never seem to directly address the specific aspects of intelligent living that Houston offers.
So, to dissect what is smart about Houston, here are just a few aspects to consider.
1) Smart Educational Institutions (and smart learning within them)
Houston is known for its educational prowess. Rice University has been called the “Harvard of the South.” University of Houston has climbed into Tier One status. The city is home to several attractive law schools, med schools and other higher level graduate school options. Additionally, it has a wide variety of specialized libraries, education-focused businesses and a never-ending abundance of forums, workshops, hobby classes, continuing education classes and more.
Houston lives and breathes learning, by both formal and informal standards.
2) Smart Business
Houston businesses aim to solve problems and spur trade. We are an admirably recognized hub for energy companies in the United States. But Houston business goes far beyond that. We have a burgeoning startup scene that is piquing the interest of others around the country. To make room for those startups,multiple workspaces have emerged. To connect business professionals, organizations such as the Houston Technology Center hosts networking events in an effort to spark communal support and collaboration. Pitch competitions, often attended by ambitious start up hopefuls, offer the opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet and connect to angel investors. We even have companies like Advanced Home Technologies that are directly focused on smarter residential living.
3) Smart Surroundings
With our intricate network of highways, you can get anywhere you need to go when you need to get there. Not only do we have a very accessible highway system but Houston also has many very walkable neighborhoods. While we are always working to improve our transit, the fact is that Houston is well-arranged enough that you can drive a fairly long distance without much trouble. And options such as bike trails, as well as organizations to promote those trails and similar options, are created every day.
Perhaps most importantly, the City of Houston continues to support the movement of its citizens in seeking alternative transportation that is both environmentally and budget friendly while building a stronger, more connected city.
4) Smart Philanthropy
If there’s a worthy cause out there, there’s a Houstonian supporting it. In the field of medicine alone, we have an extensive donor base in Houston to ensure that ground-breaking research and medical treatments are continually discovered. From marathons to galas, every week in Houston, there is an event that supports the plight of undeserved kids and families, the homeless, those in need of medical assistance, diversity, culture, and other worthy causes.
Oh, by the way…
5) Smart Exercise
Even in hot weather, Houstonians are active; we slap on sunscreen and run, ride or generally move outside in ways that helps us to prolong our life. It’s no coincidence that plenty of teams from Houston make the MS150trek every year; that people love watching the Houston Texans and our other teams work hard and sweat it out, and that the running trails at Rice University and Memorial Park are constantly filled with people looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Despite the misleading national reporting about the collective weight of Houston residents for the past few years, people here are dedicated to living healthy lifestyles.
6) Smart Culture
Aside from the aforementioned educational institutions, Houstonians appreciate the intellectual stimulation offered by our renowned cultural institutions. Access to art collections in our well-established museum district, scientific demonstrations, music at world-renowned institutions including the Houston Symphony, and literature makes Houston one of the most culturally astute cities in the world. The city houses several globally respected theaters that present original productions as well as successful Broadway runs. Cosmopolitan and diverse, Houstonians love performance and demonstration and our city is better for it.
7) Smart Initiative
People in Houston are driven. Entrepreneurs think up new ideas to improve lives every day. Different organizations come together to meet the needs of the city in intelligent ways and we support one another.
This is what #TSH likes best about Houston: the natural connection we find with one another and the causes of our neighbors. TechStreet Houston is an event dedicated to driving Houston toward a smarter, ever-expanding intelligence for the benefit of people in Houston and beyond. We want our city to be the best it can be, and we want you to be a part of it.
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