A core element of TechStreet Houston is our ability to pinpoint the exciting events taking place in Houston every day that help showcase Houston’s incredible technological prowess and combined scientific disciplines used to create a smarter, more successful city and a brighter future.
It is in that spirit that several #TechStreetHouston team members attended the event to further our understanding of VC funding in the field of medicine and medical technologies, see how new technologies will change the medical landscape and encourage others to get involved in promoting technology industry growth in Houston.
 “When people are thinking about raising one or two million dollars, we want them to start thinking about raising twenty million dollars. That’s really the next step,” said Bio Housto rep Jacquline Northcut.
#MEST13 Keynote
Lynda Chin, the keynote speaker, described healthcare issues in our era as well as one strong solution MD Anderson Cancer Center has implemented and continues to develop: the APOLLO-OEA program.
Chin described the “art of medicine”, the approach of bending the rules properly to treat individual patients; the need for improved data; improving patient experience and treatment; the usefulness of Watson (remember Watson?) to improve patient outcomes; and tying these concerns together to best assess, organize and approach information for the improvement of medical care in the context of the art of medicine.
Perhaps most fascinating, when the approach Chin described to the audience is used in combination with telemedicine, it may very well level the current medical landscape for better, more patient-centric care.
Pitch Power
#MEST13 featured several pitch competitions throughout the day. Companies participating brought mind-blowing medical technology to the landscape, including:
  • Saranas, a group focused on early detection devices for internal bleeding;
  • KnowMED, a healthcare delivery company aiming to streamline healthcare costs;
  • Unlimiters, focused on providing a mainstream, online marketplace for assistive needs;
  • SnapHealth, aimed at simplifying healthcare by creating an online healthcare marketplace;
  • ParkiT, an x-ray for parking garages;
  • Medical Informatics, the developer of the Sickbay software platform, designed to store bedside data in one location;
  • Unlistr, a technology that unsubscribes from “bacn” junk email in bulk;
  • CyberDerm Technologies, a wearable consumer technologies company;
  • Medicasafe, a company aimed at solving medical abuse;
  • Molecular Match, dedicated to matching the right medicine to the right patient;
  • Medifir, an electronic medical referral system;
  • Checked Twice, an online gift registry that eliminates gifting redundancy for families;
  • Adient Medical, a one-stop medical supply shop;
  • And C-Voltaics, maker of SCHN coating that prevents liquids from sticking to surfaces.
The only way to understand the true breadth of MEST was to attend. Demonstrating business value, the state of VC in Houston, the focus of NASA in the modern era… if we wrote everything we learned about at #MEST13, we would have to write you a book.But here is what we will say: Mest 13 is yet another sign of entrepreneurial insights in one of the world’s smartest cities. Hats off to Platform Houston, Rice, and MD Anderson.