Houston Startup Spotlight – Kickstarter VR Champion Virtuix

In the classic River Oaks Theater several weeks ago, a small group of tech-heads, gamers, funny nerds and a few entrepreneurs gathered to discuss the dawn of a new era that will connect us with something larger, a new atmosphere that coexists cleanly with standard reality.
It’s the era of virtual reality.
And at the forefront of that era stands perhaps the most sophisticated virtual reality system in the world.Meet the OmniVirtuix’s answer to the question, “When will virtual reality become truly realized; common, rather than foreign?”
Founders Jan Goetgeluk and Simon Solotko took the time to answer that question with a resounding “now” while showing off the gaming capabilities of the Omni.
Closely resembling a treadmill design, The Omni features a bowl-shaped base with a waist support ring that senses 360 degree movement based on relays from a support belt. Using specially pinned shoes for proper traction, anyone can walk or run within a virtual reality environment and can control the experience via a series of controls. The device requires the use of a controller, a gaming weapon, or other handling instruments, as well as eyewear.
The best part—it works. And not just functionally in a basic sense. It works really, really well.
Jan took the time to demonstrate a couple of practice levels of a first person shooter video game for the crowd, smoking the computerized competition while garnering explosive applause and approval from the audience in the theater. Showcasing deft movement, he was able to speed up fairly quickly within the game, even though his movement in the level lagged behind his actual running speed. He used basic running, walking, shooting, crouching and strafing options as he shot his way through the demo levels.
While Jan was the more demonstrative component of the pair, Simon conversed with the audience about the implications that virtual reality may have when it meets the cloud. Dare to imagine what will happen when you can walk around in a virtual marketplace.
Sound unreal? It’s coming.
Virtuix has delivered on its donor promise to help others experience full virtual reality and “move naturally in your favorite game.”  To some, it will mean the official dawning of a new era in technology, VR, and reality itself.
Omni was funded by a Kickstarter campaign, raising over a million dollars.