HATCH Pitch Comes to Houston

HATCH, a revolutionary pitch competition for start-ups, launched to a standing room only crowd nearly three years ago in Start-up Village at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas and is now coming to TechStreet Houston. HATCH Pitch at TechStreet is encouraging local investment entities to focus on the opportunities at HATCH, bringing investments from around the Texas area.
TechStreet, the technology conference launching in Houston, Texas in November, 2013, is aimed at positioning Houston to be a model city for how using the right technologies in the right way can enhance our living.
Adding to that, TechStreet is also “the place for start-ups to get known,” says Greg Wright, HATCH founder, CTO Mbira Gourp, and recent director of the Houston Technology Center’s IT Acceleration program, when asked to describe HATCH Pitch. Wright, a longtime SXSW advisor and mentor, pioneered the effort to start a pitch competition at the massive music, film, and interactive conference in Texas’s capital city.
HATCH is joining TechStreet Houston as its commercialization arm.  HATCH provides entrepreneurs the mentoring, visibility and investment opportunities to make their visions real.  “It was a natural next step to bring HATCH to Houston as part of TechStreet,” says Wright. “TechStreet is not about making money to build better roads, or to make a more efficient government, this is really about something we can all relate to – making life better for ourselves and for everyone around us using technology to do that.
“The most surprising thing about HATCH?”  Wright pondered when considering his three years with HATCH, “probably when Chris Valentine, founder of SXSW Accelerator, motioned to me from the back of the room only to tell me that there was a long line formed out the door and that the room was already at capacity,”  Wright mused about the occurrence at the first HATCH event at SXSW.  “I spent most of the day manning the door to ensure we let our judges and HATCH contestants in as I was one of the few who could recognize them all.”
Greg Wright spent many years in a variety of roles in technology, from Accenture, CSC, Sapient and his own start-up as a Virtual CIO, but his latest endeavor has left standing room only in the technology community. HATCH Pitch is more than a clever name; it’s opened new avenues for entrepreneurs from around the world, leaving many of the winners with phenomenal press and significant investment from various investment sources.
Not only do the judges represent potential for corporate and venture investment, the HATCH audience is filled with investors across Angel Networks, Venture Capital firms, Corporate  investment groups and even individual investors looking for great ideas to inspire investment.
The fairy tale from the first HATCH was the 2012 winner, Distil, that received $1.8 million seed investment. Most of the top three winners all received investments that they have attributed to HATCH.  This year’s winners—including Realty Mogul—have received significant funding and won other pitch fests as well.
Distil published an article on “8 Tips to Successfully Pitch Your Idea to Investors,” after their experience at HATCH.
For anyone interested in participating as a HATCH Pitch company, simply go to www.techstreet.com/hatch-pitch and submit your application.
Good luck and we’ll see you at HATCH on TechStreet!