1.14 million reasons to pitch!

Houston is one of the top cities in the world for entrepreneurs. Every day, innovators come up with new business concepts that can change the world. Sometimes, those entrepreneurs need guidance, insight, and investment to make their dreams come true. We recently tweeted a story about the startup who landed $1.14 dollars from angel investors–a major victory for the […]

3 Ways to Run a Smart Business

On your second-to-last stop of the TechStreet Backstage Tour we continue to look at conference session topics. Did you see our last email about four sessions dedicated to Emerging Technology? Here, TechStreet is giving you three paths down which you can travel to start running a smarter business. Whether it’s leveraging the female talent that […]

41% of Boomers Fail Their Families With This ONE Thing

This is the question that created BestBequest. A survey from estimated that 50% of Americans with children do not have a will. The study also discovered that an alarming 41% of baby boomers (50-64 years old) do not have a will. When asked what their top three reasons were for not a having a […]

Why BiCi is involved with TechStreet

Technology means so many things to people. The obvious are the super digital, super processing and often complicated and intimidating. I found myself leaving the super technological world of reverse logistics for the consumer electronics industry for a more antiquated idea of technology; the bicycle industry. When I got into the bicycle industry, specifically a […]

Why PteroTech is Involved in TechStreet

We believe that being part of a community means giving back to the community.  At PteroTech our mission statement is “to promote the use of secure cloud based applications that help people and families everywhere.” There is no better place to start than right here in Houston – our home. Houston is a vibrant city […]

Houston Growing to become an Internet-of-Things Tech Hub

With all the excitement around the internet-of-things, one would think that Silicon Valley or possibly New York would be the future technological center for the rise of the machines.  However, the real revenue-generating opportunities thus far in the space have been in industries that are centered right here in Houston.  Could Houston leverage this position […]