Brian Lang: Winner of the TechStreet Houston 2014 Impact Award

Brian Lang,  Chapter Head for Health 2.0 Houston and Chief City Architect for the Houston Energizing Health event sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation and the Texas Medical Center, received the TechStreet Houston 2014 Impact award for his contributions to the digital health community in Houston and beyond.

Houston Startup Spotlight – Kickstarter VR Champion Virtuix

In the classic River Oaks Theater several weeks ago, a small group of tech-heads, gamers, funny nerds and a few entrepreneurs gathered to discuss the dawn of a new era that will connect us with something larger, a new atmosphere that coexists cleanly with standard reality. It’s the era of virtual reality. And at the […]

HATCH Pitch Comes to Houston

HATCH, a revolutionary pitch competition for start-ups, launched to a standing room only crowd nearly three years ago in Start-up Village at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas and is now coming to TechStreet Houston. HATCH Pitch at TechStreet is encouraging local investment entities to focus on the opportunities at HATCH, bringing investments from […]

Legal Resources, Oppa Houston Style

Places to get affordable legal help for starting your business A young entrepreneur that has the skills, the business plan and the funds to get her dream business started.  And yet, those lingering legal questions remain: Should I incorporate? What is this ‘LLC’ thing I keep reading about? How can I best protect my intellectual […]

Why Crowdfunding Changes Have Not Changed the World – Yet

The rules allowing general solicitations for investments went into effect this week doing away with an 80-year-old restriction preventing companies not publicly traded on stock exchanges from advertising.  Although a step in the right direction, the new JOBS Act crowdfunding rules are not the free for all you may have read about in the press. […]


A core element of TechStreet Houston is our ability to pinpoint the exciting events taking place in Houston every day that help showcase Houston’s incredible technological prowess and combined scientific disciplines used to create a smarter, more successful city and a brighter future. It is in that spirit that several #TechStreetHouston team members attended the […]

Announcing the Tech Street Hackathon from Open Houston!

Last May, Bruce Haupt and I put together the City of Houston’s first civic Hackathon.  We had tremendous amount of support from the City and the community at every step. In the end, over 200 developers came together and produced 26 different projects.  Already, one project is featured on the Finance Department website.  Another is […]

Closing the Gap: Rails Girls, Their Mission to Change the Face of Technology, and a Mother’s Determination to Bring Tech Power to Her Daughters

There is a boom that is bringing some of the best developers, coders, and programmers to the forefront of technology, yet there is a significant segment of the population that is not being represented—women. Statistics show that girls opt out of the advanced science, math, and technology classes in their K-12 years that would prepare […]