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As a sponsor of the conference a “Sponsored by” logo will be included on all conference promotional materials and program introduction slides. The sponsoring company will be on the agenda for a 3 minute welcome and conference introduction. During the Tech Street Houston pre-event kickoff on November 11-14, 2014, conference sponsors will have an opportunity to present, promote and showcase company services or products during the TechStreet Houston program, receive a prominent position on the TechStreet Houston sponsor web page, and sponsor mentions in all press releases, blog postings, promotional events, and news articles.
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Why Sponsor?

TechStreet Houston’s comprehensive event analytics, enables leading edge outreach and demand generation programs to consumers. Profile yourself as the industry leader via logo branding and by featuring your content in our TechStreet Houston publications, communication newsletters and post events that occur continuously.

Leverage Your Partnership

Participate in an innovative platform allowing companies to create a deeper level of engagement with community stakeholders, businesses, entrepreneurs, and other consumers through personal experience and involvement with your brand. Receive exposure through: Onsite, Online, Print and Promotions.

Other Benefites

Increase brand loyalty, awareness and visibility for your products and services through a valuable integrated customer engagement campaign by our TechStreet Houston marketing team. TechStreet Houston has built a world-class analytics database to provide event intelligence to its sponsors to track return on investment.