Announcing the Tech Street Hackathon from Open Houston!

Last May, Bruce Haupt and I put together the City of Houston’s first civic Hackathon.  We had tremendous amount of support from the City and the community at every step.
In the end, over 200 developers came together and produced 26 different projects.  Already, one project is featured on the Finance Department website.  Another is available for free in the Apple App Store.
People keep asking us: when is the next Hackathon?  I’m happy to say that “the next Hackathon” is Saturday, November 9 at START Houston.  You can RSVP here.
It’s going to be short and sweet.  Come for breakfast and pick a project.  Get home by dinnertime.  We’re capping the room at 50 participants, and making sure everyone gets a healthy breakfast and lunch.  Of course, you can always hack from home and submit your project online.
We’ll be focusing on a handful of open source applications and configuring them for Houston.  Bonus points for responsive design or native mobile apps.  You can browse some super cool examples here, here, and here.
You can also work on a project for our ongoing 311 data challenge.  Learn more about this challenge here.
Winners will be announced at Tech Street Houston on November 20.  Prizes will be announced shortly, and we’ll update this blog.