TechStreet Houston is an open and collaborative platform for the community to learn, share, showcase and promote their creative ideas, expertise, and technologies. This event will leverage the collective intelligence of our corporations, entrepreneurs, educators, citizens, residents and students to increase innovation, improve commercialization, and expand Houston’s entrepreneurial footprint.



Developed by leading-edge tech thinkers from government, business, education and community organizations in America’s 4th largest city, Tech Street Houston will showcase impactful, innovative technologies that make our city better. This is the only gathering that unites Houston’s diverse technological community in a single place, all with the goal of building a smarter city…smarter neighborhoods…and smarter communities.


Get inspired.

Join us for an action-packed conference that will open your mind to some of the most advanced and pioneering innovations. Learn how to make our city and our future smarter, more efficient and better for all. Meet us at TechStreet Houston. Take me to TechStreet! Meet the TechStreet Houston Committee See the latest from the TechStreet Houston Team